Catcher On the Rhein


Kopuntu and COTR Collaborate in Solidarity

When Kopuntu started 1.5 years ago with the claim of being a multilingual and interdisciplinary online magazine, we were not expecting to reach such a diverse audience. During this time we have published 117 articles by more than 20 contributors, a third of them from different languages.

Our website has received 75.000 visitors, and articles were read more than 120.000 times in over 50 countries. Our website is still receiving around 3000 single hits on a monthly base. Meanwhile, we reach thousands of people on a grassroots level via the performances, screenings, talks, workshops, and exhibitions organized in 4 different countries. It is important to indicate there is no financial support behind us or any income via advertisement.

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Catcher on the Rhein (COTR), which will diversify our published content and give us an opportunity to reach a new and very diverse audience. Our alliance provides a space for contributors from all around the world.

COTR is an international student-led initiative that publishes a biannual print magazine independent from any university administration. The initiative started in Kleve–a small border town in the north-west corner of Germany near Nijmegen, Netherlands.

The city is an international microcosm in the Rhein region representing over 120 countries. Every semester hundreds of new students arrive in the evolving cosmopolitan university town. COTR gives these international students a voice on a global platform via digital and print. Through collaboration with Kopuntu, COTR will publish digital content throughout the year in English and German.

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1st Edition – July, 2018