Collecting Momentum

*Collecting Momentum is the activation of space through the possibility of interactions and the emergence of reciprocal influences by bringing collective experience, imaginaries and visionaries together while avoiding the rhetorics and boundaries of conventional curation.

Co-Mo is experimentation through collective observation and reflection on different forms of interaction between the habitus and habitat. It further aims to develop collective habits in terms of communication, cooperation, collaboration, and conceptualization by documenting these encounters to be processed in diverse mediums.

Co-Mo focuses on common experiences rather than geographies or backgrounds in specific and offers a space of interaction to re-exist in already existing places.

Co-Mo* is a co-operation by Kopuntu Network and Officina Neukölln, intends to pop-up irregularly in different forms and mediums and open for collaborative ideas.


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Co-Mo* Neukölln #1


Kopuntu exists in 2 mediums; an online multimedia magazine which publishes multimedia content about migration, gender, identity and diaspora culture as well as interdisciplinary events such as exhibitions, talks, screenings, workshops and performances targeting mainly grassroots in diverse spaces aiming to bring out new debates and narratives under the umbrella of new social movements, combining different approaches between the academy, grassroots and art scene.

Officina Neukölln is a collective that exists in and around a workspace in Berlin Neukölln. According to its interdisciplinary instinct and multifunctional character, space transforms itself in a social laboratory offering possibilities for diverse forms of collaborations.


Meaning of kopuntu: 

  1.  Ruptured Piece 
  2.  Diaspora (Modern Turkish)
  3. “The cluster of unified psychological activities that are losing connection with almost the rest of the personality and starts acting, more or less independently.”(Turkish Dictionary of Psychology, 1974)

Meaning of officina: 

  1. Place, at industrial or artisan level, where work is carried out or assembly, repair, overhaul, and maintenance are carried out in the field of mechanical constructions. (ARCHAIC) Pharmaceutical laboratory.  (Modern Italian)
  2. Estens. An area defined by the active presence of several similar artistic personalities: the o. from Ferrara, the masters of Ferrara of the XV century and their activity. Center of elaboration or irradiation of works and thought… (Renaissance Era)