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Co-Mo* Neukölln #1: Exhibition, Discussion, and Live Performances

Como (12)

*Collecting Momentum is the activation of space through the possibility of interactions and the emergence of reciprocal influences by bringing collective experience, imaginaries and visionaries together while avoiding the rhetorics and boundaries of conventional curation.

Co-Mo is experimentation through collective observation and reflection on different forms of interaction between the habitus and habitat. It further aims to develop collective habits in terms of communication, cooperation, collaboration, and conceptualization by documenting these encounters to be processed in diverse mediums.

Co-Mo focuses on common experiences rather than geographies or backgrounds in specific and offers a space of interaction to re-exist in already existing places.



Julia Castel (Officina Resident Artist #1)

“La Grande Motte, blue is dead” 

Frauke Schyroki 

“Sporty Still Lives”

Ceren Saner 

“Isn’t it Love” 

Dasha Kanishcheva


Anna Bresoli 

Cyanotype in a hand

Discussion: (live stream)

Intersectional Practices in New Diasporas and Global Grassroots Struggles 

Following the current movements around the globe, we will be digging further into new social movements through personal experiences of activists from different generations coming from Lebanon(TBA), Ecuador, Bolivia, Germany, (Catalunya?), (Hong Kong?) Chile(TBA), Syria (TBA) who are actively involved in different causes on both local and global levels.

Moderator: Dr. Özlem Savaş

Einstein Guest Researcher at the Berlin Institute on Integration and Migration Research (BIM) at Humboldt University of Berlin.

Participants:  TBA

Live Performances: 


A stranger rents a bed in the one-room apartment of a woman. They will be roommates for a night. What is the best way to escape these involuntary and embarrassing hours of intimacy? Probably to sleep. But they can’t. Or they don’t want. What are they so afraid of? Of each other? Of themselves? Or just of sleeping? Madness is certainly prowling: 


Adapted by George Tabori’s short story
Direction: Samuel Petit
Sound-Design: Redwins
With: Marie Levyer 

“Whoever you Are, my dear Other”

By Gizem Akman and Alan Ciwan
(More info Soon)


Raving Mad Carlos (Stage)

Marcello S. Bussato and MaxDaSilva (Stage)




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We are above the nations and juggling with the conventional connotations of Diasporas which are also the main instruments of the global polarization (nationality, religion, ethnicity, race etc.) and aiming to re-conceptualize it by taking the "experiences as commons" rather than the conventional ones. As we call it "New Generation Diaspora.”

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