5 Years after Gezi, English
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5 Years After Gezi – 2: Longing for Justice and the Feeling of Unconditioned Solidarity

Has it been that long? I can still feel the excitement of hundreds of thousands of people shouting “Erdogan resign” in unison.

Sometimes, I exaggerate, but this time I am not. I was there when we took back the park. I was one of the first ones to take the steps, while the last police buses cleared the scene. It was the most amazing moment of my life. Earlier in the narrow streets the size of the mob – us – was impossible to judge. We knew that all the streets to Taksim resembled each other with hundreds of people fighting with police to come closer and closer to the park – but when I stood on the steps, I saw THE people. Almost like water, we filled the park, the square and the surroundings. I cried tears of joy. If you have never been in such an event, you cannot understand the feeling of unconditioned solidarity.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 03.01.10.png

Me by Sener Yilmaz Aslan

That summer, we all fought together. We were fierce and we stood together. I spent hours in people’s staircases or apartments. We opened doors for total strangers. We shared water, lemons, food, and smiles [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6JFFv9urYk]. We were all comrades and never willing to leave anyone behind . We stood shoulder to shoulder against fascism and declared that this is only the beginning and that we will deliver the bill to the murderous state. We would make them pay.

Me by Ozan Köse

Five years later, we all long for the solidarity of these days. I actually like the smell of tear gas, because somehow my brain connects it to the feeling of unconditioned solidarity and a joint struggle for justice. I call it “the smell of freedom”. It is hard-wired.

Five years later, and the state of the country has only gotten worse. Worse than we could have imagined. We did not destroy Tayyip’s dictatorship. We had been sick of all the bans [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-kbuS-anD4], but have only been hit by one bad news after another until we could not breath. Parks and forests have given way to megalomaniac projects. We forgot how to spell justice.

Me by Ozan Köse

Five years later, many of us sit in prison, many left the country, while the murderer sits on his throne. Any sign of hope and he crushed it. Any sign of resistance and he crushed it. I call him a genius and from the bottom of my heart I wish hell upon him.

I admire those who have not left and still fight so deeply. Thanks guys!

Now there are elections and the candidate who excites my soul sits in prison. Now there is something in the air. Let’s make them pay for the misery that they brought upon so many, let’s make them pay for the destruction and murder they bestowed upon us.

I am not a believer, but on Sunday we may have the chance to finally deliver the bill.


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