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Tehran, Beloved City

Sana Ghobbeh proposes different ways of reclaiming public space by claiming the body of a presence. New narratives are suggested as modes of practice that simultaneously follow and create moments of interruption, allowing a mind-set where subtle gestures can disturb the surroundings. The disruptions make a minor breach in the stability, predictability and order of the space. This disturbance is an invitation to change, to make another rhythm, although very small, in front of the big orchestra of the urban space diluted in forms, rules and habits. This develops a context for the body to perform and think poetically.

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We are sensitive. We are people who can internalize and express our encounters and experiences, and we all have different instruments of expression. We are people who generate and build meanings. We are people who have experience in producing culture from our clashes. We are academicians, artisans, craftspeople, artists, writers, illustrators, photographers, journalists, filmmakers, musicians, psychologists, it specialists, stallholders, lawyers, witnesses and sometimes accused, advertisers, students, doctors, hippies, athletes. We are everywhere, especially in Germany: we are in Australia, we are in Argentina, we are in Spain, we are in Italy, we are in Holland, we are in Russia, we are in USA, we are in Canada, we are in Switzerland, we are in Finland, we are in Estonia, we are in France, in Brazil, in Rojava, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Thailand, in Cambodia and in Turkey. Kopuntu is an interdisciplinary solidarity network founded to provide physical and digital production space, together with wider networking based upon mobilization, aimed at supporting and enabling possibilities of encounters and cooperation between journalists, academics, writers, artists, students and any other who claim to be generating ideas and correspondingly has been oppressed, silenced or precluded due to the politics that narrowed production and living space in Turkey. kopuntu.org/manifesto

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