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Tehran, Beloved City

Sana Ghobbeh proposes different ways of reclaiming public space by claiming the body of a presence. New narratives are suggested as modes of practice that simultaneously follow and create moments of interruption, allowing a mind-set where subtle gestures can disturb the surroundings. The disruptions make a minor breach in the stability, predictability and order of the space. This disturbance is an invitation to change, to make another rhythm, although very small, in front of the big orchestra of the urban space diluted in forms, rules and habits. This develops a context for the body to perform and think poetically.

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We are above the nations and juggling with the conventional connotations of Diasporas which are also the main instruments of the global polarization (nationality, religion, ethnicity, race etc.) and aiming to re-conceptualize it by taking the "experiences as commons" rather than the conventional ones. As we call it "New Generation Diaspora.”

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